About XperienceLocal

This year's event is dedicated to alternative tourism, shedding light on sustainable and authentic travel experiences led by the diverse, less-explored local communities of Jordan.
As we deviate away from mass tourism, we aspire to take responsible travellers and adventure seekers on a local quest to explore the path less trodden, embrace the unknown and support the cultural and natural heritage in rural areas. This approach will not only build unforgettable experiences for travellers but also create new economic opportunities for the local community.
Our aim is to foster a deeper appreciation for the positive impact of sustainable travel themes such as cultural, wellness, gastronomy and ecotourism, while also providing a platform for networking, knowledge exchange and collaboration among participants.

What to Expect


Listen to experts and real actors while they uncover and discuss successful tourism interventions, navigated challenges, innovative solutions and transformative insights.


Join sessions led by experts who will guide you through effective marketing strategies and digital skills to develop your tourism offering, promote your destination and engage your visitors.


Discover diverse exhibits featuring sustainable and authentic travel experiences from all around Jordan that will inspire you to make a positive and lasting impact in your country.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural heritage and natural landscape of Jordan through captivating experiences. Engage with passionate locals and embrace the diversity of their traditions.


Establish invaluable connections with like-minded individuals and key players in the travel industry to forge meaningful partnerships.

Agenda Highlights

Stay tuned for upcoming updates on this year’s keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive workshops


Welcoming Speeches

• Curated Experiences:
Developing innovative and diversified touristic products across Jordan.

• Impact Beyond the Beaten Path:
Discussing the economic, social, and environmental impact of shifting from mass tourism to alternative, cultural-wellness-eco travel experiences.

• Finding Value, Building Destinations:
Sharing  inspiring case studies and successful projects where the value and sustainability of a destination was created from the ground up. Presentations will spotlight the multiple opportunities and challenges that come with it.

• Revolutionizing Tourism – The Power of Tech and Innovation:
Exploring the role of innovation and emerging technologies in supporting sustainable tourism themes and shaping the traveller’s inspiration and experience.

• Women in Tourism:
Driving the conversation on the role of women in advancing alternative tourism by (1) offering travel experiences that preserve cultural and natural heritage and (2) venturing solo to less travelled remote areas.

B2B Marketplace

Open from 11:00 to 18:00.

To connect you with local travel experiences and tour operators from Jordan.

Who is Speaking?

The conference will bring together esteemed decision-makers, experts, international cooperation agencies, local experience providers, tour operators, content creators and other travel enthusiasts from around Europe, the Middle East and North Africa to discuss and shape the future of travel.
Our speaker lineup is coming soon, stay turned for updates.

Travel Jordanian

Funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Jordan as part of the Curated Experiences Project, Travel Jordanian is your gateway to 85 immersive and responsible travel experiences from all corners of Jordan. Embrace eco-gastro-wellness-cultural journeys that we carefully selected and provided with financial and technical business support to thrive and expand. 

Some of the local experience providers on Travel Jordanian will be attending to showcase their curated alternative offerings and build valuable connections. Join us in empowering sustainable tourism, supporting local communities and preserving cultural heritage. 

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