Anna-Maria Innocenti

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Anna-Maria Innocenti

Promotion of Sustainable Tourism Project, GIZ Tunisia, Germany


Anna-Maria Innocenti has been actively engaged in sustainable tourism development projects in various countries in Africa and Europe for nearly a decade. Over the past four years, she has been working for a project that promotes sustainable tourism development in Tunisia, particularly in the realms of culture, culinary, and outdoor experiences. Within the project, Anna-Maria holds a pivotal role in addressing gender aspects and coordinating gender analyses. Her commitment lies in mainstreaming gender equality across all facets of the project and beyond. Over the past years she is contributing to the establishment of a network for women working in tourism across the MENA region called “WoMena Tourism Network”. She is deeply motivated and dedicated to advancing feminist development policies, recognizing that tourism, if managed well, can serve as a powerful tool for promoting gender equality and inclusion.