Duha Fayyad

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Duha Fayyad

President, Jordan Trail Association, Jordan


Duha is a seasoned corporate lawyer with over 15-year background in the legal domain spanning both Jordan and international markets. Beyond her legal prowess, Duha is the President of the Jordan Trail Association. Her engagement in the enhancement and oversight of hiking trails across Jordan, including the renowned Jordan Trail, reflects her commitment to fostering adventure tourism.
Duha’s influence extends to community-based initiatives as a Board of Trustees’ member of the Jordan Hashemite Fund for the Development of the Jordanian Badiya. Her role in incubating tourism projects, including empowering local communities through agri-tourism ventures, has contributed to sustainable growth.
Duha is also the Founder and Secretary General of the Jordan Climbing Federation, the body responsible for the establishment of climbing as a prominent sport within Jordan’s landscape.
Duha is also a founder and partner in Rosefinch LTD, a tourism-focused enterprise operating across Africa and Asia. The enterprise’s subsidiaries are centered on guest houses and youth-oriented volunteering opportunities, directly empowering local communities and aligning with Duha’s dedication to responsible and impactful travel experiences.
Duha was the first woman to ThruHike the entire 675 kms of the Jordan Trail along with 2 other female friends. Duha is also a licensed trekking guide, adeptly leads groups on hiking escapades across Jordan, and is an active advocate for setting up a cohesive legal framework for managing adventure tourism in Jordan.