HE. Mr. Hamza HajHasan

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HE. Mr. Hamza HajHasan

Deputy Chief Commissioner, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Jordan


Mr. Haj Hasan is an accomplished leader with a remarkable career dedicated to driving economic transformation and sustainable development in high-impact roles within the public and private sectors. As Deputy Chief Commissioner of ASEZA, he is entrusted with coordinating the implementation of SDGs within the context of economic governance. One of his key achievements is leading the development and execution of the Land Price Investment Scheme to optimize land utilization, attract investments, and promote economic diversification. He has also undertaken the responsibility of enhancing transportation solutions within ASEZA, providing advanced, efficient, and smart transportation options that elevate the quality of service for residents and businesses alike.

In addition to his role as Deputy Chief Commissioner, he has also taken other pivotal roles at ASEZA as Commissioner for Tourism and Commissioner for Environment to advance sustainable tourism practices and environmental conservation. Furthermore, he served as CEO at Amman Vision for Investment & Development, the master developer and investment arm for Amman Greater Municipality (GAM). During his tenure, he successfully attracted significant real estate investments, managed substantial land portfolios, and played a pivotal role in launching the “Amman Bus,” the first smart public transportation network in the city.

Mr. Haj Hasan also served as CEO at Jordan Free and Development Zones Group & Jordan Development Zones Company, where he executed the merger of two government-owned companies and implemented innovative investment schemes that significantly contributed to economic growth and development.

Mr. Haj Hasan holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Jordan and has received numerous accolades for his outstanding contributions to economic development.