Solomon Kassa

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Solomon Kassa

Founder of 1888EC and Triopia.Travel | Senior Tech Strategist | Author | TV Personality, Ethiopia


A TV producer and host of the popular “TechTalk With Solomon” on EBS with more than 30 million viewers, 300 episodes, and 100+ prominent guests including Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. In 2020, Solomon founded the venture studio 1888EC, and in 2021, Triopia.Travel to promote alternative travel experiences in Ethiopia. In 2018, he published “The Wonder of SciTech”, the first science and Tech book in Amharic with more than 45K copies sold. Solomon is a social media influencer with more than 1.6 million followers. In his professional career, he worked as a software engineer and later as a senior technology consultant and strategist at a Fortune 500 global firm, leading multi-million-dollar projects.